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Dr. Luke Moore Wichita KS Chiropractor

Dr. Luke Moore

Chiropractor - Wichita, KS

I became a chiropractor because of the power of healing I experienced with chiropractic care in overcoming chronic injuries from sports.


I felt drawn to the profession because, despite the flaws and many different flavors of chiropractic, the people within the profession have a passion and big heart for finding the “why” underlying patient’s pain and ailments. That’s become a passion and part of who I am - to get to the root cause and provide natural healing solutions.

So whether you are looking for your first chiropractor or your next chiropractor, I would love the opportunity to help you. My goal is to help you feel better as quickly as possible and to help you get back to doing the things you love. Give us a call today to get started.

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Get Started Today

Advanced Health Concepts is conveniently located at 154 S. Rock Rd. in Wichita. If you would like to schedule your first appointment, call 316-651-0156 or click on the button below to get started.

Your First Chiropractic Visit

We strive to make your visits comfortable, relaxing, and pertinent to your specific needs.
Our goal is to provide you with the best possible chiropractic experience and to be there for you as much or as little as you need.
We know that everyone is different and so are their injuries. That's why Dr. Moore will take the time to do a thorough consult and examination during your first visit. It helps him develop a specific treatment plan designed to get you the best possible results.
Before any treatment, Dr. Moore will explain your diagnosis, and how he can help you start feeling better as quickly as possible.

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Do You Accept My Insurance?

Due to sky-high deductibles and steadily declining benefits for our patients, Advanced Health Concepts operates as a non-insurance clinic.
Being a direct-pay chiropractic clinic allows us to offer high-quality, customized care at an affordable price and avoid the hassles of insurance billing, copays, deductibles, and declined reimbursements. 

Finding The Best Chiropractor

Everyone is looking for the best chiropractor, and rightfully so. It would be crazy to want the second-best chiropractor and even more crazy to want the worst chiropractor. But with so many chiropractors to choose from, how do you know who’s the best? That’s a great question.
The simple answer isn’t very simple at all. The best chiropractor for one person is often not the best chiropractor for someone else. That’s why one person can go around telling anyone who will listen, “My chiropractor is the best,” while another person goes around saying “That chiropractor is just OK”, and they are both talking about the same chiropractor. 
If you are looking for a chiropractor, the most important thing is that you find the best chiropractor for you. That will probably require you to do a little research and have a little patience. There are a lot of chiropractors to choose from, and each of them does things a little differently than the rest.
Some chiropractors are better at helping kids. Some chiropractors are better at helping athletes. Some chiropractors are better at helping senior citizens. Some chiropractors are better at helping people with headaches. There are so many different types of people, conditions, and chiropractors to take care of them, this list could go on forever.

X-Ray Results

Trusted Chiropractor: What Patients Are Saying

"Very friendly, professional"

Had a quick adjustment by Dr. Luke and came away feeling amazing. He was very friendly, professional, and thorough. Love the new location, too. - Jim F.

Verified 5-star Google Review

Wichita Chiropractor Google Review

"Phenomenal chiropractor"

Dr. Luke Moore is a phenomenal chiropractor that is full of knowledge when it comes to helping his patients with their needs. I highly recommend! - Preston M.

Verified 5-star Google Review

Wichita Chiropractor Google Review

"Dr. Moore does a fantastic job"

Dr. Moore does a fantastic job of doing adjustments and getting your body back on the right track. He genuinely cares about the health of his clients.


Rather than just doing an adjustment and sending you out the door, Dr. Moore looks at the bigger picture and will attack the root of your problem. - Andrew C.

Verified 5-star Google Review

Wichita Chiropractor Google Review

"Highly recommend!"

Luke was very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend! - Cori H.

Verified 5-star Google Review

Wichita Chiropractor Google Review
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154 S. Rock Rd.
Wichita, KS 67207

Phone: 316-651-0156

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