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Why Advanced Health Concepts?

Because it allows you to work smarter NOT harder to more easily reach your wellness & weight loss goals!

Imagine a Transformed Body

Imagine a transformed body with the Advanced Health Concepts Program! Discover why Advanced Health Concepts may be the most innovative program for weight loss & wellness, utilizing a personalized approach to build you a “Weight Loss Blueprint.”

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Advanced Health Concepts Gives You the Tools You Need to Transform Your Life

  • 20 Lbs. or More – Consumer Guarantee!

  • Weekly in-office, video or tele-coaching with your personal coach

  • 1 on 1 -Support – No Group Meetings

  • 24/7 advanced email and text support

  • Proprietary intelligence application

  • Completely Personalized Programs

  • Custom food plans for each individuals body

  • Custom supplement plans to support individual’s unique needs

  • Approved recipes and program tips

  • All Natural

  • NO Shots

  • NO Surgery

  • NO Drugs

  • NO Pre-Packaged Food

Personalized Report

Weight Loss Intelligence™ will provide a personalized nutrition report that lists ideal, preferred, and cautionary foods for your body.


The report will also identify foods that are weight-gain triggers – foods to be avoided. Additionally, your personalized Weight Loss Direct Protocol will outline nutritional supplements to support your body.

While nearly every other program focuses on the food, Advanced Health Concepts focuses on optimizing the cells and balancing the body

Your Personal Weight Loss Coach is here to help guide you to success. Don’t wait. Contact Advanced Health Concepts today!

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Your Transformation & Success Journey

  1. Advanced Health Concepts Consultation - During your initial evaluation and consultation we will provide you with recommendations and options.

  2. Advanced Health Concepts Intelligence Analysis - After we determine the program that best matches your unique needs, we will initiate your Weight Loss Intelligence™ Analysis.

  3. Completely Personalized - Your personal weight loss coach will review your analysis with you and review specific instructions.

  4. Program Review - Upon receiving your personalized Weight Loss program, your personal coach will thoroughly review the program with you, set up future appointments, and provide you with a direct contact to guide you successfully on your journey. With AHC Weight Loss you are never on your own!

  5. Work Smarter, Not Harder - Follow the AHC Protocols & Personalized Plan. You get to choose your own foods (no prepackaged foods) Follow the supplementation, protocols, and dietary guidelines of our proven Weight Loss Protocols.

  6. Transformation - Enjoy your Weight Loss & Wellness Success Journey. Nearly every day on the weight loss portion of the program you will lose weight. Your personal Weight Loss coach will help guide you to success over the course of 6 months. Celebrate your achievements of moving toward or reaching your wellness or weight loss goals.

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